by Brendan Hurley, President at 14 AutoMall and co-founder — 

A friendly and perhaps timely reminder – your best prospects are the customers with whom you already have a relationship. At some point in the past, you earned their business and now you need a reliable process in place to keep them coming back.

This presents two challenges: Ensuring that customer information is captured completely and correctly. Sales people seem to want to avoid using CRM tools; how can you hold them accountable for doing this in a way easy and convenient for you, their manager?

Brendan Hurley, President, 14 AutoMall and co-founder Traffic Control CRM

The other challenge is to mine trapped customer information from your DMS and make it readily accessible to your employees.

Freeing the information is not enough.

Now your staff is tasked with executing specific contact actions with these customers, and you need a system that monitors their activities to ensure the job is being done.

Customer contact through a CRM must be easy to do or it will never happen. It must become a part of your staff’s everyday routine and not burden them to where they can’t deal with everyday business tasks.

It is imperative to have a high level of automation to execute a matrix of dealer-designed, preordained contact actions specific to individual customers and their status.

A well-designed, intuitive CRM system meets the challenge.

A well-designed, intuitive CRM system does the hard work of remembering your customers’ details and reminding your employees that specific, personalized follow up is due. Then it completes the particular tasks you have built into the system, strengthening your relationship with your valuable clients and turning prospects into customers.

Enhancing that fundamental flow, the circular motion of the prospect through the selling, ownership, and service phases and ultimately returning to the showroom, is the goal of CRM. User-friendly software that works tirelessly to make it easy for everyone to manage prospects and customers in a uniform and accountable fashion is possible.

  1. A good CRM program is adaptable to your particular environment so it works for you the way you prescribe.
  2. A great CRM adapts and molds itself to your unique selling system, making everyone’s job easier while greatly increasing productivity and providing solid accountability. You know where your traffic comes from, what happens, when, why and with whom.
  3. A CRM solution should keep the critical circles connected while working to develop new relationships every day and likewise expose the hidden up-sell opportunities that maximize revenue and better service valuable customers.

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