BHPH Report – March 29, 2018 – SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Here is another example of service providers collaborating to provide independent dealerships with tools their competitors backed by automakers might have.

Fidelis PPM announced on Thursday that its sister company Vero has partnered with financial services provider Allied Solutions to provide an inventory merchandising and vehicle service contract program designed to drive profits and retention for non-franchised and buy-here, pay-here operators.

Together, Vero and Allied Solutions have launched the Dealership Advantage Program. The vehicle merchandising and protection program can help dealers present fresher, more appealing inventory and deliver a better customer experience — and make more money.

The program features:

• A comprehensive package of Simoniz-brand vehicle protection and appearance services for all inventory, at no charge.

• Includes GlassCoat, Simoniz’s ceramic paint protection, also, at no charge

• Vehicle service contract (VSC) options from a range of industry-leading underwriters

• A VSC purchase incentive upgrading the ceramic paint protection to a seven-year warranty

The Dealership Advantage Program is designed for independent dealers who desire maximum vehicle VSC retail profits, improved customer perception, and more satisfied customers.

“Market pressure on used car operators is considerable today, while competition for quality inventory is brisk, but dealers utilizing our Dealership Advantage Program help set apart their dealerships and vehicles as uniquely different and attractive to their customers,” Vero chief executive officer Joe Annoreno.

Other program details include:

1. An inventory refresh suite: Simoniz-brand deodorizer, sanitizer, and antimicrobial products for vehicle interiors, paint and fabric protection, and Simoniz’s GlassCoat permanent ceramic barrier for vehicle exteriors.

2. Coverage-rich VSC options from a range of leading underwriters

3. A purchase incentive, a free paint coverage warranty upgrade with VSC purchase

“Now independent dealers can enjoy significant market advantages to separate their business and inventory from the competition,” says Mark Ladd, vice president of the automotive services group at Allied Solutions.

“We believe this Dealer Advantage Program offers benefits that independent dealers will value while it enhances their competitiveness through a unique protection upgrade to trigger high-grade service contract purchases,” Ladd went on to say.