Auto Dealer Services

Connect and Engage with Your Customers and Prospects

Dealer-Advertising-Co-OpFrom a consumer perspective all car dealers look-alike.  Their websites look the same, their advertising sounds the same, and everybody promises a low price or payment.   Today dealers need a way to stand out from the competition.  They do that in two ways:  1) Provide a great customer experience  and 2) create content and a presence that allows prospects and customers to see that a dealership cares about their “family.”  And when we say family, we mean a dealers’ customers, employees and their community.  Our faith based approach looks to serve and benefit all these areas.

Leman Public Relations can provide the following services for auto dealers from our in-house team and our affiliated and trusted partners.


  • Press Releases to promote community activities.  These can be used for marketing both in and out of the dealership
  • Blog Posts that engage and inform readers
    • Our team creates unique content or works with OEM based content and then crafts ways to make it more personal for the dealership market
  • Social media engagement
    • We have a team of automotive writers, millennials who understand the environment, and other professionals that can create and re-purpose content to keep dealerships visible on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Newsletters
    • We can produce electronic newsletters for emailing to prospects and customers with customized content that builds the dealership brand and provides engaging content for recipients.  Frequency is set by the dealer.
  • Reputation marketing 
    • We can assist in providing social proof that a dealership and their employees provide a better buying experience than the competition.  Any dealer can post 5 Star reviews on their site, but if they are done in a transparent fashion dealers can do more damage to their good reputation.

Start Building Your Brand

Our full suite of services helps companies strengthen and build their brands in the local market and nationally.  We invite you to call or email us for a free evaluation of how we  will help your company break from the competition.

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