PHOENIX, AZ, January 4, 2019 – Borrowing from the start-up success handbook that propelled virtual inventory advisory company LotPop to industry prominence, My BDC Success launched this week, providing remote BDC monitoring, tracking, and training services to help auto dealerships maximize the profitability of their business development center investments.

My BDC Success is not a long-term investment for most dealers, rather a three-to-18-month engagement to lift BDC performance to consistently more profitable results for the dealership.

It is an industry fact that most dealerships struggle to realize full potential from their BDC operations:

  • Few people have the knowledge or experience to run a BDC efficiently and profitably
  • If the right people are found, it can take years of learning to master BDC proficiency
  • And, always, the question remains – how do you balance the number of employees with the volume of activity, so you stop spending countless hours and thousands of dollars hoping the investment will pay off

Now until NADA, My BDC Success is offering a $595/month with $595 one-time set up fee – $895 each normally – for the next eight dealerships that sign up. To sign up, contact Nicholas Wenslow at or 888-814-6912, or visit

My BDC Success Managing Partner Nicholas Wenslow said too many BDC centers struggle to support well their dealerships. Observing this frustration led him to develop My BDC Success.

“As BDC manager for Automotive Associates of Atlanta with oversight for 50-plus BDC reps, without a doubt, BDC operations must have active management with hands-on engagement – whether in person or as remote accountability – to ensure ongoing coaching, training and knowledge to maximize their BDC performance. This is what dealerships get from using My BDC Success,” Wenslow said.

My BDC Success manages BDC operations virtually, including:

  • Monitoring, Tracking and Analyzing the 15-plus BDC Success Points
  • Delivering BDC Success Reports, Performance Reviews, and coaching Calls
  • Your My BDC Success coach is available via phone, text or e-mail for training and support
  • Use of your CRM and BDC software to maximize the value of your BDC

“Our services, products, and merchandise are specially designed to help dealers meet their BDC goals because each My BDC Success coach has been through the ranks. We aren’t desking deals, takings T.O.’s or on popcorn breaks. We are listening to calls, monitoring performance, and maximizing your BDC,” Wenslow said.

For a limited time, My BDC Success services start at $595.95 a month, with a $595 set up fee, for the first eight dealers to sign up before NADA 2019. For more information, visit or contact Nicholas Wenslow at 888-814-6912 or