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New media and marketing approaches to reach auto dealers
Let Leman PR show you a new way to expand your network.

Let Leman PR show you a new way to expand your network.

Some of the top tier automotive vendors utilize our public relations, content writing, and marketing services to expand their networks with auto dealers across the country.  You can view some of these companies on our clients page. 

We help you open doors, connect with, and sell your products or services to retail automobile dealers.  We’ve been doing this since before the Internet burst onto the scene; and now  with today’s disruptive technologies for digital dealership there are new great opportunities if a company can break through all the noise in the market.

Here ‘s how we help:

  • We clarify your marketing focus
  • Get your messages to key media
  • Engage prospects with a content marketing strategy that could incorporate eBooks, whitepapers, or eNewsletters and blog posts
  • Educate buyers how you solve their problems
  • Expand your presence on social media communities like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
  • Support your sales efforts in all media channels
  • Assist in finding the right channel partners
  • Create a more dynamic and user friendly website with enhanced content
  • Assist with a presence at conferences and expositions
  • Affirm your market leadership

A traditional approach can be expensive and still not yield results.  Let Leman Public Relations and our team advance your agenda in the auto retail industry. 

Reach More Auto Dealers With Your Services

Our full suite of services helps companies build their dealer networks on a national scale.  We invite you to call or email us for a free evaluation of how we might help your company stand out from the competition.

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