SMITHFIELD, VA – March 14, 2019 – Only classic car enthusiasts can appreciate seeing the countless hours that go into making what started as a dream become a reality. Through hard work, endless nights and elbow grease you have turned your barn find into a polished gem; too often that glory and glamor is tarnished when restoration details and build sheet paperwork is poorly displayed or simply taped to the windshield. 

Until recently, there have been limited options to display a vehicle’s original or reproduction documents in an attractive and eye-appealing manner. The products that many have been forced to use do not guarantee protection from weather elements and are visually subpar.

As a classic car enthusiast, you can appreciate the importance of both visual aesthetics and protection from Mother Nature, and a company called SaleSleeve™ has the solution. SaleSleeve is a weatherproof document display company, has introduced a patented protective sleeve for blue-ribbon-presentation of the information you want to be displayed about your vehicle.

SaleSleeve is not a laminated display or flimsy plastic pouch, but a patented protective envelope with an IPX7 waterproof rating. It encloses the document and protects it from the weather, airflow from vehicle movement, and damage from lowering or raising a vehicle’s window and it can be reused.

SaleSleeve for classic cars sticks solidly where placed and remains highly visible — tinted glass or not – across any weather condition. Original documents are irreplaceable and replicas are costly, so protect yours with the highest quality product available, SaleSleeve.

Classic car clubs and car owners are discovering that SaleSleeve is durable, inexpensive and remarkably versatile solution for displaying a classic vehicle’s original or reproduction documents. SaleSleeve is now available in special packets for classic car owners, show organizers, and auctioneers.

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SaleSleeve is headquartered at One Monette Parkway, Smithfield, VA. The corporate management team has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. For more information contact SaleSleeve Customer Service, 866-218-5783 or visit